Uber Connect: How To Use, Pricing, & Availability In 2022 (2023)

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If you’re an Uber driver, then you know that UberX and UberXL are the most popular options.

But what if you could offer more services to your customers?

With Uber Connect and Uber Direct, you can.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the details about Uber Connect: pricing, availability, and how drivers can use it to deliver packages to their customers.

Table Of Contents

  • What Is Uber Connect?
  • How Fast Is Uber Connect?
  • How Does Uber Connect Work?
  • How Much Does Uber Connect Cost?
  • Where Is Uber Connect Available?
  • How to Ship Something With Uber Connect
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Uber Connect for Drivers
  • Wrapping Up

What Is Uber Connect?

Uber Connect is a service level on the Uber app that allows drivers to deliver packages to their customers.

It’s similar to Uber Eats, but with Uber Connect, drivers pick up and drop off packages instead of food.

With this shipping option, you don’t need to worry about paying for postage, printing shipping labels, driving to the post office, or waiting a few days to get packages where they need to go.

You don’t need to worry as much about package dimensions and weight.

All you do is pack things up, open the Uber app, select Uber Connect, and wait for your driver to arrive.

Hand the package over and let Uber take care of the rest.

Local deliveries take minutes instead of days.

How Fast Is Uber Connect?

The time it takes to deliver a package will depend on the size of the package, traffic, and distance.

Uber promises that most deliveries will complete within 30 minutes.

Unlike options such as Amazon Flex, UPS, or FedEx, you can send and receive packages quickly on the same day.

It’s similar to you hopping in your car to drive across town to deliver the birthday cake to your cousin’s party, for example.

The difference is that an Uber driver does all the work for you.

How Does Uber Connect Work?

As a customer, you’ll see a list of available drivers.

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You can then choose to place an Uber Connect order, just as you would order an Uber vehicle.

Once you’re matched with a driver, they will see the package’s destination address and instructions in the app.

What items are prohibited from Uber Connect?

You can’t ship anything illegal, dangerous, or fragile.

Here’s the complete breakdown of Uber Connect’s prohibited item list.

  • Animals and people
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons, firearms, and ammunition
  • Pharmaceutical products, supplements, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications
  • Perishable food or beverages (dairy products or raw meat)
  • Drug paraphernalia, recreational drugs, or tobacco products
  • Gift cards, money, transferable securities, or lottery tickets
  • Fragile items
  • Stolen goods
  • Pornographic or obscene material or sexual aids
  • Hazardous materials, including flammable or poisonous materials
  • Livestock, blood, fluids, animal parts, or regulated species (prohibited seeds, for instance)
  • Any item you don’t have explicit permission to send

How Much Does Uber Connect Cost?

Uber Connect is priced similar to the cost of an Uber ride.

This includes fees such as a base fare, minimum fare, and more.

You’ll pay this minimum amount regardless of the trip’s distance and time factors.

If an Uber driver must wait longer than two minutes at the pickup location, then Uber adds $0.35 per minute to the trip’s time calculation.

The app reveals the estimated price of your trip before you accept it.

Here is an example breakdown of Uber Connect’s fare prices.

Example Uber Connect Prices

  • Base fare: $1.44
  • Per minute: $.034
  • Per mile: $1.07
  • Booking fee: $3.45
  • Long pickup fee: $0.61

As an Uber Connect customer, you’re provided with a general sense of the costs involved, but as a rule of thumb, you’ll pay higher costs for long trips.

Where Is Uber Connect Available?

Initially, Uber Connect started in 25 cities in the United States, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

Currently, it’s available in over 5,000 select cities throughout these countries.

You’ll need to open the Uber app to find out if it’s available where you live.

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List of Available Cities

While we can’t list all the cities where you can find Uber Technologies offering the Uber Connect delivery service, here are a few known locations.

  • Los Angeles
  • Tampa Bay
  • San Francisco
  • New York City
  • Oakland
  • San Diego
  • New Orleans
  • Baltimore
  • Dallas
  • Phoenix
  • Orlando
  • Denver
  • San Antonio
  • Washington D.C.

In Australia, you can find package delivery via Uber Connect in these cities.

  • Townsville
  • Cairns
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Darwin
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Geelong

You’ll find the service in Mexico throughout these cities.

  • Ciudad Juárez
  • Mexico City
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Los Cabos
  • Merida
  • Puebla
  • Tijuana
  • San Luis
  • Potosi
  • Torreon

How to Ship Something With Uber Connect

It’s a simple process when shipping something with Uber Connect as a customer.


Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Open the Uber app and sign in to your account
  2. Select Uber Connect
  3. Agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Confirm that your package doesn’t contain prohibited items
  5. Enter your pickup location
  6. Select a package size
  7. Choose a drop-off location
  8. Provide the recipient’s name when prompted to do so
  9. Review the cost estimate on the next screen
  10. Confirm your order

You’ll see the following information as you confirm your order.

  • The estimated time it will take for the driver to arrive
  • The price of shipping
  • A map with the pickup and dropoff locations

After confirming your order, Uber will assign a nearby driver to pick up and deliver your package.

You’ll get a notification when the driver arrives at the pickup location.

Uber Connect provides an option to give your driver special instructions.

Make sure to prepare your package properly.

Secure it so that nothing falls out of the box.

You can only ship packages that weigh 30 pounds or less with Uber Connect.

Meet the driver at your pickup location.

Make sure you see the driver take possession of the package and place it in the vehicle.

Tell the recipient to meet the driver to take delivery of the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although Uber Connect provides a relatively simple way to ship packages, you may have a few questions.

Let’s review four common questions about Uber Connect.

Can you use Uber Connect for food?

No. You can’t use Uber Connect to ship food.

However, you can use Uber Eatsto have food delivered by a driver.

Does Uber Connect pick up packages for people?

Yes, Uber Connect is a package delivery service.

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Uber expects customers to meet their drivers curbside so that the Uber driver doesn’t need to find parking.

If there’s a problem with doing so, let the driver know in the special instructions area of the app.

Clearly state to the driver where they can safely park, get out of the vehicle, and find you.

Can you “deliver” passengers with Uber Connect?

No. You can’t ship people with Uber Connect.

It only allows drivers to deliver packages.

Uber Connect for Drivers

While working as an Uber driver, you can add Uber Connect to your regular UberX, Uber Eats, and other driving duties.

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How Much Do Uber Connect Drivers Make?

Uber doesn’t release detailed information about how much drivers make with Uber Connect.

However, you can expect to earn similar commissions as when making UberX, UberXL, Uber Eats, and other Uber trips.

Your pay depends on how long the trip takes and the miles you drive during its duration.

Typically, you can expect to earn $5 to $20 per trip.

It’s important to provide great customer service to receive tips and keep a high driver rating.

Tips will help you earn more than the average Uber driver.

Is It Worth It To Drive for Uber Connect?

You might wonder how well Uber Connect works to help you earn more income as an Uber driver.

Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Pros of Driving for Uber Connect

  • Uber Connect adds a way to make extra money
  • It’s a flexible gig that you can do on your own time
  • You can work as much or as little as you want

Cons of Driving for Uber Connect

  • Uber Connect is only available in select cities
  • You might need to drive long distances to deliver packages
  • You may find parking difficult in busy locations

How to Sign Up for Uber Connect

It’s simple to sign up to drive for Uber Connect.

The service isn’t available in every city.

If it’s available in your area, then Uber will send an invitation through the app or via email.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Sign Up

If you see an email invitation or a notification in the Uber app’s Work Hub, click to accept the offer.

You will need to agree to the new terms Uber reveals about the Uber Connect program.


That’s it.

You’re now ready to start accepting Uber Connect trips.

How to Deliver a Package Using Uber Connect

Agreeing to take on an Uber Connect trip is similar to accepting any other Uber driving opportunity.

Here are the steps.

  1. Accept the trip inside the Uber app.
  2. Drive to the pickup location.
  3. The customer sending the package will meet you at the door and hand you the package.
  4. Drive to the dropoff location.
  5. Deliver the package to the recipient.

You’ll see the following information as you deliver the package.

  • Recipient’s name
  • Drop off address
  • Options for sending messages inside the app or by calling them

Uber asks drivers to contact the sender if the recipient isn’t at the dropoff location.

Wait five minutes before telling the sender that you can’t find the recipient.

Go to the delivery details in the Uber app and click on the three dots to contact the sender.

You can message or call them.

The sender or recipient can choose two options if you’re having difficulty delivering the package.

First, they can ask you to leave the package at the recipient’s door.

However, they must do so in writing within the app.

Make sure they do it because this protects you if they can’t find the package later.

Second, they can tell you to drive the package back to the sender’s location.

If this happens, Uber will pay you for the return trip.

If you can’t get a hold of the sender or recipient after waiting for more than five minutes, Uber asks you to contact Uber Support for help.

You can do so inside the app.

Wrapping Up

Uber Connect is a simple, convenient way to ship packages.

It also represents an additional way for Uber drivers to earn additional income.

If you’re a customer, open the app and give Uber Connect a try today.

Accept an invitation to drive for Uber Connect as an Uber driver to earn more through the app.

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How do I use Uber connect? ›

Select Connect in the Uber app, agree to the terms and conditions, confirm that your package does not contain prohibited items, and request a delivery. Reply to the message you'll receive in the Uber app asking for the recipient's name and any special delivery instructions for your driver.

Why is Uber Connect not available? ›

However, if Uber Connect is not shown in the Driver Hub, it's probably not available yet in your area.

How much can you make with Uber Connect? ›

Typically, you can expect to earn $5 to $20 per trip. It's important to provide great customer service to receive tips and keep a high driver rating. Tips will help you earn more than the average Uber driver.

Can you use Uber Connect for food? ›

Yes, it's called Ubereats. Download the Ubereats app, and order from many popular restaurants, and if you don't mind paying more order from restaurants not affiliated with Ubereats.

Where is the Uber connect option? ›

Enter the package destination in the “Where to?” section of your Uber app and ensure the pickup location is correct. You won't be able to change the pickup or dropoff address after requesting the delivery. Scroll through the vehicle options and select “Connect.”

Is Uber Connect the same as Uber? ›

Uber Connect is a service that allows independent drivers to receive package delivery requests from people who use the Uber app. This offers them an alternative opportunity to earn extra income on top of the money they earn through UberX and UberXL.

Is Uber Connect available everywhere? ›

Uber Connect is now available in 6,000 cities and towns in the US, including major markets like New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. The service was initially launched in April 2020 as a means to diversify Uber's business during the early months of the pandemic.

What are the requirements for Uber Connect car? ›

The group said that packages sent using Uber Connect Car must total less than the equivalent of R1,500 in value per trip, be less than or equal to 80 kilograms, and fit comfortably in the boot of a mid-sized sedan.

Can you use Uber to move furniture? ›

It's the Driver's Choice to Help

Not every Uber driver will be willing to help you move things, and some may even be reluctant to let you pack their car full of random boxes, furniture, and electronics. They are independent contractors with an agreement that they can decline rides of their choosing.

Is Uber connect for packages only? ›

Uber Connect is an easy delivery solution that allows people to send items the same day, whether it's a care package for a loved one, a gift for a friend's birthday, an item sold online, or a business document.

Which Uber job pays the most? ›

The highest-paid job at Uber Technologies is an engineering manager. These professionals earn an average salary of $194,879, which works out to about $ 93.69 per hour.

What pays better than Uber? ›

In terms of the hourly rate, Lyft is generally considered to pay slightly more than Uber.

How do I use Uber wallet for food? ›

How do I use Uber Cash?
  1. Create an order in the Uber Eats app.
  2. Select “View cart” or “Checkout”.
  3. Above the “Place Order” button, tap your current payment method.
  4. Select “Uber Cash” on the “Payment Options” screen.
  5. Return to the order screen and check that Uber Cash is the selected payment method.

Can I send luggage with Uber? ›

There are certain guidelines that have been listed by the company regarding the services. Uber notes that the item that needs to be delivered should not weigh more than 5kg because it will be transported on a two-wheeler and it should be well-sealed.

Can Uber pick up food for me? ›

Yes. A variety of restaurants and shops offer delivery in Montreal on Uber Eats.

What are Uber connect trips? ›

Uber Connect allows users to send packages to others. It's an affordable same-day contactless delivery solution.

Does Uber connect you to the closest driver? ›

Uber uses "batch matching" to connect riders with drivers. That means Uber doesn't just find the closest ride to you; instead, the ride-hailing company takes into account the most optimized ride for everyone around you. OK, but what does that mean?

Is Uber connect bike or car? ›

All packages sent via Uber Connect need to be transportable on a two-wheeler vehicle, be under five kilograms in weight, securely sealed and items such as alcohol, recreational drugs, or dangerous and illegal items are not allowed to be sent.

Is Uber connect available in Florida? ›

Uber Connect is limited to the Orlando, Tampa and Miami markets for now. The platform will allow individuals looking to send items to friends or loved ones — but who don't want to violate social distancing guidelines — to request a driver pick it up and drop it off. Users can access Uber Connect within the Uber app.

Can you use Uber for long distance? ›

You can; popular rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft allow for long-distance trips. So do many car rental apps. Lyft, for example, limits any ride outside the pickup coverage area to 100 miles. According to reports, Uber doesn't have a mileage limit but focuses on time, with an eight-hour drive limit.

Is it profitable to attach car with Uber? ›

How profitable is Uber business for drivers? A driver can earn up to 35/40k a week.

What is the oldest car Uber will accept? ›

Uber year requirements vary from city to city. Your vehicle must be 15 model years old or newer. but the threshold could be different depending on where you live. Current Registration – Car requirements state that you need to provide your registration document.

Can I use Uber to move a mattress? ›

Could I use Uber XL for moving? Rideshare apps like Uber are intended for arranging the transportation of passengers, not cargo. And, while some may have used them to carry small items in a pinch, the vehicles are generally not large enough for large items like furniture.

What is the cheapest way to move furniture? ›

The cheapest way to move is usually to use one of the best moving container companies. It can save you thousands of dollars compared to full-service movers. Surprisingly, moving containers are even more affordable than rental trucks if you're moving coast-to-coast.

Can I use Uber to move a fridge? ›

Uber doesn't offer transportation for large items like furniture. Use your local truck or van rental company instead.

Is Uber connect available everywhere? ›

Uber Connect is now available in 6,000 cities and towns in the US, including major markets like New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. The service was initially launched in April 2020 as a means to diversify Uber's business during the early months of the pandemic.


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