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A-1 heavy-duty truck transport is a nationally certified heavy-duty truck shipping company that delivers to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. With more than 25 years of experience in the auto shipping industry, we have a team of highly trained professionals with experience shipping trucks to and from any city in the United States. We combine top-notch commercial truck shipping service with rock-bottom pricing to offer the auto transport industry the most affordable, highest-quality transport options. Aside from shipping a truck along with its lift kit, we transport cars in addition to the following vehicle shipping services in our enclosed trailers.

  • Antique and vintage trucks and pickups
  • Service and utility rigs
  • Tow and heavy-duty dump truck
  • Box, platform vehicles & flatbeds
  • Fire engines, garbage trucks, and more extensive service vehicles
  • Compact, mid-size, and full-size pickups
  • Semi-truck and commercial vehicles (class 1 through 8)
  • Flatbed truck, hauling, and delivery vehicles
  • Work trucks
  • Classic truck
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Cost & Time To Ship Your Heavy-Duty Truck Examples

Shipping To/FromCostDistanceTransit Days
Los Angeles to Las Vegas$540270 miles2-4 days
Memphis to Chicago$1060530 miles2-4 days
Atlanta to Detroit$1450725 miles3-5 days
San Diego to Dallas$27201360 miles4-6 days
Columbus to Seattle$28501425 miles4-6 days
New York to Houston$32601630 miles5-7 days
Miami to Denver$41302065 miles6-8 days
Portland to Memphis$44902245 miles6-8 days
Phoenix to Boston$53002650 miles7-9 days
Miami to San Jose$61403070 miles7-9 days

*Prices and times are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and what type of heavy-duty truck you are shipping.

*Additional insurance coverage is available.

*Call our toll-free number for specific pickup date requests and truck costs.

A-1 Auto Transport Ships Worldwide.

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Cost Factors In Transport: Weight, Equipment & Truck Shipping Company Routes

Weight & Size

Weight and size are critical factors in determining the cost of heavy-duty truck shipping, mainly because they can vary so much from one vehicle to another. There's a big difference between transporting a pickup, an F-150, and a cement mixer because of the difference in dimensions and tonnage.

Equipment Required

Different sizes may require special equipment to safely ship from one location to another, particularly the size and type of trailer needed. Some examples of the types of trailers used for transportation are flatbed, hotshot, single-drop, double-drop, and step-deck, to name a few.

Location & Destination

As with any other type of heavy-duty truck transport, the delivery distance, and by extension the location and destination, also play a role in the overall cost of transporting. Mileage is a pretty simple cost to understand, but the delivery route also plays a part in determining the cost to ship a truck.

Some more frequently traveled delivery routes by freight companies tend to be less expensive than others (for example, Florida to New York is a popular truck delivery route that offers more options and cheaper pricing than others.) This is especially true for long-distance and cross-country transport. Heavy-duty truck shipping to and from a central metro area is generally a way of getting a good value when you hire a heavy-duty truck transport company.

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How Do I Know I Should Ship My Heavy-Duty Truck?

Shipping a heavy-duty truck can be stressful, but it doesn't always have to be complicated. Whether you decide to pay for a truck move across the country or hire an international commercial truck shipping carrier, there are limited options for hauling heavy equipment in an enclosed carrier.

If you've just bought your new truck online, are moving, are in a rush , or don't want to stay on the roads for days on end, shipping your truck would make better sense. Unlike a small vehicle that is less tedious to navigate, shipping a heavy-duty truck can be stressful.

Based on your heavy-duty truck transport method, here is how to know you need to ship a truck.

Avoiding The Distance

Moving from Florida to Miami can be a lot of fun, but if you're planning to drive your truck across multiple jurisdictions, the miles the vehicle will rake in won't be reversed.

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Beyond contributing to wear and tear, adding mileage to the truck significantly plummets its resale value. Shipping your heavy-duty truck will help keep it in better shape and cut maintenance costs.

Save A Lot of Time

If you've ever hit the road from coast to coast, you certainly know how driving a heavy-duty truck can take ages.

Unless you're dying to make a long trip, which wouldn't be viable for a heavy-duty truck, shipping can save you time.

Although the difference can be a couple of days, hitting the road all this time will undoubtedly be tedious.

Truck Shipping Company | Truck Transport Services | Shipping a Truck (4)

Save Money

Shipping a cement mixer to the job site, for instance, needs to happen incredibly fast because even slight delays in the construction industry could cause heavy losses.

At the same time, long hours on the road cause fatigue, increasing the chance of an accident. When you're worn down mentally and physically, resulting in accidents could mean more money in repair costs.

Not to mention extended journeys that necessitate continual filling of the gas tank, paying for food and lodging. These costs could end up being more than the initial truck shipment quote.

Better For Your Health

If you're looking to drive more than 10 hours a day, sitting on the road will eventually take a toll on your health. Some resulting issues like backaches and strains in the neck could lead to long-term complications.

To save yourself such health problems, it is only wise to hire a commercial truck transport services company.

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