How to add a “view my LinkedIn profile” button to your Outlook email signature (plus Gmail and Mac Mail) - The Linked In Man (2023)

How to add a “view my LinkedIn profile” button to your Outlook email signature (plus Gmail and Mac Mail)

One of our most popular blog posts ever has been about how to add a “View my LinkedIn profile” button to an email signature but it was so long ago that we thought it deserved an update.

Just a couple of weeks back we published a stylish “View my company profile on LinkedIn” button which you can read more about here and this button I styled the same way so you can have a matching pair in your email signature – snazzy eh?

Here’s how you add a button in Microsoft Outlook but if you use a different email program, the steps might be somewhat different; if you go below these instructions you will find how to create a LinkedIn button link for Mac Mail or Gmail too.

Microsoft Outlook

1. Create a LinkedIn button image like the one below, or download ours by right clicking and hitting “save as.”

How to add a “view my LinkedIn profile” button to your Outlook email signature (plus Gmail and Mac Mail) - The Linked In Man (1)

2. Save the image locally to your desktop in a graphic file format such as .jpg or .png.

3. If you click profile in the top menu, you can then copy your personal profile URL. See below highlighted in blue

How to add a “view my LinkedIn profile” button to your Outlook email signature (plus Gmail and Mac Mail) - The Linked In Man (2)

(Video) LinkedIn Webinar Replay - June 27

4. In this case the link is

5. Next, go into Outlook and select “options,” then “mail,” and then “signatures.”

6. If you have an existing email signature, select it from the list. If you don’t have one, select “new” and type in the text you’d like your signature to include.

7. Next, select where in your signature you’d like the LinkedIn button to appear. Click the “insert graphic” button (highlighted in the image below by the red circle).

How to add a “view my LinkedIn profile” button to your Outlook email signature (plus Gmail and Mac Mail) - The Linked In Man (3)

8. After that, click the hyperlink button (depicted by the green circle). If you struggle to get the placement right we often make the signature entirely in Word and then paste it in.

9. Paste the URL for your LinkedIn Personal Profile into the hyperlink box, and then click “OK.” (You might have to click “OK” a couple of times to complete the process.)

10. Ta daa! You now have a live button link in your email signature that will take visitors straight to your LinkedIn Personal Profile.

The LinkedIn Personal Profile URL link is a great way to promote your LinkedIn presence as you can see on your personal profile who’s been checking you out via the “Who’s viewed your profile” feature.

Let me know what responses you get to your new email link. And if you’ve found other good ways to promote your LinkedIn Personal Profile, please let us now as it is always good to hear from you in terms of what you’re up to or what has worked for you.

Instructions for other platforms like Gmail and MacMail are below.


Now whilst we are not Gmail users ourselves we know some of you are! Here’s a set of instructions courtesy of Google help on how to create a LinkedIn button link to your LinkedIn Personal Profile in Gmail, follow these steps:

1. Go to the tool icon at the upper-right and select “Settings.”

2. Under the “General” tab, scroll down to “Signature” and select the signature option radio button. Type in the text you want, then paste in the LinkedIn button where you want it to appear.

3. Highlight the button and select the “Link” tool, and then insert the URL for your LinkedIn Personal Profile.

4. Check that your signature appears the way you want, and then go to the bottom of the page and select “Save changes.”

Hope it all works well for you.


Now whilst James uses a Apple Mac we tend to use Microsoft Office, but we wanted to include Mac Mail users too. We had a quick search online and pulled together a set of instructions on how to create a LinkedIn button link in a Mac Mail signature. It’s a bit more complicated, but the steps are:

1. Open your HTML editor and create your email signature exactly as you want it to appear. Include the LinkedIn button as a live link with your LinkedIn Personal Profile URL. Hit “Select all” and copy the text, then save this file as my_sig.html.

2. Open Mac Mail and go to “Preferences.” Select the account you wish to create the signature for and click the “+” option to create a temporary signature file.

3. Close “Preferences” and quit Mac Mail.

4. Using the Finder, go to the folder Macintosh HD/Users//Library and open the “Mail” folder. Go to the “V2” folder, select the “MailData” folder, and then go into the folder named “Signatures.”

5. Look for the most recent file in “Signatures” ending with .mailsignature. (That’s the temporary signature you just saved a few moments earlier.) Open that with your HTML editor.

6. Leaving the top header block of metadata untouched, select and delete the remaining text, then paste in the text you saved in the my_sig.html signature file. Save these changes and close the file.

7. Again select the .mailsignature file you just saved, and go to the menu bar. Select “File,” and then “Get Info,” then check “Locked” at the bottom of “General information.”

8. Go back into Mac Mail Preferences, and select your account. Compose a new message, and your new signature – complete with live image link – should appear.

Links in email signatures for your own profile are a great way to raise the awareness of your brand, remind people about you and the great work you do. We all send hundred or even thousands of emails so just think of the additional exposure. Enjoy!

Do let us know in the comments below if you have used your LinkedIn Personal Profile URL in other ways. For example, we have used James’ on our Twitter account www link as well. What’s your ideas?

  1. Michael February 9, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    Thanks for the Gmail instructions but they didn’t work for me. I pasted in the image but couldn’t “Highlight the button and select the “Link” tool” So back to the drawing board. I googled “Linked In button” and found this official address:
    Gmail wants a URL not a jpg image. I copied the supplied url for the image of my preference (there are 10 to choose from) and inserted it using the Gmail Insert Image button. With that image in my signature I could then follow your instructions; highlight the button and select the “Link” tool. After, I re-sized the button because it was still too large and choose the small size. “that was easy” kinda….

    1. James Potter April 13, 2016 at 10:21 am

      Thanks for the clarity Michael, really helpful. The challenge we always have, which we mentioned on the blog, is that there are so many email systems out there that we cannot know them all so your clarity really helps – thanks for taking the time. Best wishes, James – The Linked In Man

      1. Michael April 13, 2016 at 2:14 pm

        Cool! Glad to help out!

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