Cardiff House Clearance – House Clearance Services in Cardiff and Surrounding Areas (2023)

We were very pleased with the service received from Steve and two willing, helpful and friendly chaps yesterday. They carried out the move of some old and treasured furniture plus a comprehensive clearance of a large amount of my late parents’ possessions large and small. This included clearing a garage of several decades’ worth accumulation of mouldy items in atrocious weather – not a pleasant job. Steve phoned us on the morning to confirm he was on his way, which was appreciated. Throughout the day the team were cheerful and a pleasure to deal with, and Steve gave us a fair price for those items that could be resold. I would thoroughly recommend their services.

Dave MessnerCardiff

Thanks Steve for a very efficient and painless job. It was raining and you kept everything dry and clean. You did the work quickly and on time. No problems so, I can happily recommend you!


Fair, honest, prompt and efficient ! We were delighted and recommend Cardiff House Clearance to anyone. Steve was both business-like and friendly, gave us a quote, which was much lower than others. He and his men arrived on time and held the price, even when they found there was more than they had estimated for. Brilliant !

Anne O’brienNorth Wales

An absolutely friendly, professional service. We had very little time to organise the clearance of my father in laws flat so Steve came round on his day off to give a quote. We were given an honest price for the items which could be sold and the charge for the disposal of the rest of the items was more than reasonable. Steve and his crew did exactly what he said they would do, including sweeping up after they had removed all the furniture! Many thanks Steve for making our lives easier.

Pat OwenLitchfield

Steve and the boys did a wonderful job clearing out nearly 60 years worth of possessions (and rubbish!) from my mothers house. They were punctual, quick, polite and the price was reasonable. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Sheila JamesCardiff

Excellent service. They were able to come to clear my garage just when I needed them and completed the job quickly and efficiently and left it spotless. Would (and will) recommend them to all my friends

Pru Davies-JamesCardiff

We have used Cardiff House Clearance on two occasions recently and found them to be excellent. They are polite, courteous, hard working and very competitively priced. They can be trusted to remove anything from rubbish to highly valuable antiques with efficiency and care. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

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Alison TyeCardiff

Steve and friendly lads cleared my mothers house in 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon, everything removed apart from a few things i wanted, no hassle, no problems, trouble free service. Would gladly recommend them to anyone needing a house to be cleared.

John Miles

Steve and his boys punctually on Sunday morning at 10.00am. They were so organised and professional, we spent 10 minutes advising of the items we wanted left in the house.
Just over 2 hours later, we had a call to say that the house was clear. I was so delighted with the way the house clearance had gone, and they even put the hoover over the carpets for us. We were asked to inspect the house to ensure everything had gone.
We were previously quoted £430 by another company to do the work, but Steve came last week to give a quotation and the price he charged us was £45. Amazing!!!
I would thoroughly recommend using this company. Re-cycling is a key priority to Cardiff House Clearances, and so we know that the house contents will be of help to others. Well done, and thank you Steve for your very professional service.

Dianne SheltonFairwater

Steve and his men arrived on time and worked efficiently to clear a whole house and the garage. They cleared away after they had finished. I would use them again without hesitation.

John Pitten

After being let down at the last moment Steve came to my rescue. He was punctual and talked me through the process. He actually came on time and the boys worked hard and made the process easy. Thanks Steve and the boys!!!

Cheryl Mitchell

We contacted Steve with a request at very short notice which Steve and his team were able to help with. They were friendly, efficient and fast!

Julie RogersCardiff

Turned up when they said they would, did what they said they would do in the time and for the price they said they would do it. Very rare!! Extremely professional, even to the extent of advising us what we would be better selling ourselves. Great value.

Andy TilleyCardiff

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We highly recommend Steve and his team for providing an excellent service. They were punctual, efficient and fairly priced. They made what could have been a stressful situation much easier! A big thank you

Yvonne EvansCardiff

Fantastic service and very reasonable. Very flexible and professional. Would highly recommend to anyone. Have used them for removals, house clearance and removals to storage. Jobs both big and small.

Huw Edwards

Highly recommend, very reliable, they made life such more easier clearing my dads home.They were just all round excellent.

Sian Knapton

We used Cardiff house clearance recently, they were really good. Arrived on time, efficient, tidied up and friendly. Would recommend to anyone.

Keith DonaldsonRadyr

We recently used Cardiff House Clearance for the first time and found them to be very efficient and reliable. We would have no hesitation in using them again.

Graham MorrisGraham Horace John, Forse & Co Property

We were going through a major refurbishment and replacing all the furniture. I called Steve at very short notice to see if he would recycle the old as it was all to be scrapped. He was there within 15 minutes, cleared it out and made a donation to Marie Curie Cancer for us. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Vincent DaleGrosvenor Casino Cardiff Casino Cardiff Website

Your customer service and dedication to your customers is superb!!! So many companies now have poor customer service, it is great to find a company that cares and does the right thing. You will have my business for a long time to come.

Sower EstatesCardiffhttp://www.sowerestates.comWebsite

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Your company is outstanding for prompt, courteous and outstanding customer service. I never hesitate doing business with you!

Brendon NaickerCardiff City Churchwww.cardiffcitychurch.comWebsite

Steve came this morning to have a look at some furniture I was selling He was prompt, friendly, offered very reasonable prices for the items he took and took them away immediately. I would recommend his services to anyone.

D CollinsCardiff

Simply fantastic….. Professional, quick and good value. Thank you…….and would definitely recommend .

Helen StantonCardiff

Lee and his merry men from 70 Broadway cleared our house in Cardiff with less than a day’s notice when somebody else let us down at the last moment.

David ChorleyElstree

Extremely pleased with the service and how I was dealt with during a family bereavment. The whole process was fast and dealt with ssensitivity would recommend Thank You

Phillip WilliamsCardiff

Urgently needed a house cleared within 3days, we rang Cardiff House Clearance, they arrived within two hours to give us a quotation, three men and official vans arrived next day 10 minutes before they were due and cleared out and tidied up a three bedroomed house and outhouse in THREE AND A HALF HOURS. Very polite and excellent workers, didn’t even stop for a cup of tea. The price quoted was the price paid. Would recommend this company.
Mr and Mrs Robson

Margaret Robson

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Used 70 Broadway for house clearance, competitve price efficient freindly service Steve very helpful. Where able to accommodate my request for a Sunday morning clearance as I live out of the area. Would Recommend.

David JacksonMaidenhead

Steve and the team were brilliant from start to finish. I asked them to clear my Mother’s house in Hirwaun and they did so with speed and respect. The weather was atrocious (snow and ice) and yet I had every confidence they would arrive to do the job which was inportant for me and I was travelling myself from a distance. The cost was extremely competitive. I liked the fact that they aim to use/recycle as much as possible. I would use this team without question in the future and recommend to others.

Steph Jones-GilesCornwall

Your latest posted testimonial from Mr Moore took the words out of my mouth!
You cleared my late father’s house in Cardiff today, Friday 29 October. Your time keeping was precise, you and your team were polite, friendly, efficient and hard-working. You did exactly what was agreed and for the price quoted. Nice people to do business with and even took the trouble to follow up after the job to check that everything was satisfactory! I’m happy to recommend your company to anyone requiring a house clearance service.

Geoff WalshCardiff

You kindly cleared my father’s house in Cardiff today (Monday 25th October 2010) and did exactly ‘what it says on the tin’. You phoned to confirm the arrival time, arrived on time, cleared the house and garden shed effeciently and quietly, without any problem or mess. Your staff were polite and helpful and you stuck to the agreed quote. So thank you for a job well done. I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who needs this service!


We recently used 70 Broadway for an urgent house clearance and they were fantastic. They were able to book the job in very quickly, and were prompt and thorough in the clearance, which included some large, heavy and awkward items to remove, and were extremely competitive in their price. We would definitely recommend them!

Phillip TaylorCardiff

I recently used these people and found them to be very efficient & more than helpful. It certainly took a whole load of stress off me and i would reccommend them to anyone. Thankyou.

Charlotte MarlowCardiff




What is included in a house clearance? ›

Rubbish Removal, junk, household waste, clutter, and hazardous materials. Heavy and bulky items including pianos and safes.

What happens to the stuff from house clearance? ›

If there are items that you want to keep, tell the firm before the clearance begins and they will leave them to one side as they clear the rest of the home. If you want the entire household cleared – including any carpets, appliances or fittings – let the firm know and they will take care of everything for you.

Do house clearances pay you? ›

This is a question we often get asked, and the short answer is yes… and no! Some house clearance companies will offer to pay you for valuables in the property, like antiques, paintings, etc, while others will ask you to remove items you want and then charge you for the time and costs to empty the property.

Do house clearances take clothes? ›

House clearance works by a professional company attending your property to clear some or all the items in it. Typically it can be furniture, junk and clothes.

What is the average cost of a house clearance in UK? ›

House clearing costs start at roughly £170 - £200 for a small clearance, which translates to up to 500kg or half a large van load. House clearing will cost you upwards of £250 - £300 if you have a medium clearance of up to 750kg or three-quarters of a large van load.

How do I prepare for house clearance? ›

So, here are some valuable tips on how to prepare for a house clearance to ensure you have a stress-free clearance experience.
  1. Separate Stuff.
  2. Bundle Electronics Together.
  3. Put Fixed Décor Items Together.
  4. Be Careful of Sharp Items.
  5. Notify Those Who Might Be Affected.
  6. Inform the Clearance Company About Any Special Requirements.
16 Nov 2018

Do local councils do house clearance? ›

Yes, some councils do offer a clearance service, although this service is not free and may well not be cost effective.

How much does it cost to clear a garage? ›

If you decide to hire professionals for your garage clearance, the price will vary depending on the amount of items for disposal. On average the clearance will cost you between £70 - £300.

What is probate house clearance? ›

Probate clearance is an important part of winding up a deceased estate. As a specialist clearance company we will visit the deceased`s property, itemise, value and sell or remove unwanted items. The house is then ready for the next stage of the probate process whether that is selling or retaining the property.

Who is responsible for house clearance after death? ›

The responsibility of dealing with the deceased's property falls to the Executor (when there's a Will) or the Administrator (when there's no Will). This means that if anything happens to the property after the owner dies, they are responsible for resolving the issue.

How much does it cost to clear a garage? ›

If you decide to hire professionals for your garage clearance, the price will vary depending on the amount of items for disposal. On average the clearance will cost you between £70 - £300.

How do I clear my house UK? ›

A Guide to House Clearing
  1. Step One: Gather Supplies. You shall require a few supplies in order to get through the house clearing efficiently. ...
  2. Step Two: Sort the Good from the Bad. ...
  3. Step Three: Remove the Rubbish. ...
  4. Step Four: Gather Like with Like. ...
  5. Step Five: Clear the House. ...
  6. Step Six: Donate and Sell.
27 Nov 2019

What is a clearance company? ›

A clearing corporation is an organization associated with an exchange to handle the confirmation, settlement, and delivery of transactions. Clearing corporations fulfill the main obligation of ensuring transactions are made in a prompt and efficient manner.


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