Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (2023)

By Tamil Arasan/ Data entry, Freelance work

Appen is one of the best crowdsourcing companies in the world. In simple to understand, Appen is the micro job provider company where you can become a contributor directly or through channels like Ysense to earn money. Let me explain to you how to do Appen tasks at various levels to make the most out of it.

Doing Appen micro-tasks is one of the best ways to earn online because it is very easy, this job requires no skills, and there are no limitations in the number of tasks one can complete per day). You can work 24/7 and earn as much as you can. Through micro tasks, you can earn at least $5 if you work 1 to 2 hours a day.

I’m not saying just by words, I did several Appen tasks and earned a lot from them. I will share the most I can, so you don’t get confused after joining. Micro-tasks jobs are provided by several platforms among those Figure Eight leads a bit.

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What is Appen?

Formerly called Figure Eight, Appen is a genuine data enrichment platform to help its clients to process their raw data into useful data.

In terms of online job seekers, it’s the platform where you can work as a part of the Client’s projects alongside other workers.

What is Micro Job in Simple Words:

Micro jobs are a kind of data processing job. Like, you will be given some data/material/link and asked to find the errors, find the information in a given material, marking spots, copy-pasting, etc.

Micro-tasks are so simple that even a kid can do them.

By reading this article you will get an idea of what are micro tasks and how easy tasks will be.

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How to Start Working on Appen:

Appen is very strict about the quality of the work done. So they don’t allow a newbie to do all the tasks. Instead, they test new members by asking them to do 3 simple tasks.

In the beginning, you will get only $0.01 per task. So, don’t feel you can’t earn more. By answering 100 questions with good accuracy, you can access high-paying tasks.

Once you enter Appen as a new member the following tasks or tasks similar to this will be available based on demographics for the beginners.

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Know the Difference between Available jobs and Potential jobs:

In the above-given picture see the top right corner. There are available jobs and potential jobs tabs. Available jobs are the jobs currently, you can do. And potential jobs are the jobs which you can do if you have a good accuracy level. I will discuss these terms in the end part of the article.

Basic Appen tasks to Qualify to do Potential Tasks:

Now coming back, the simple mini-tasks will be given to the new members like finding the article, finding the author, etc.

First, try to do identifying the articles. It is the simplest job in Appen.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (3)

Once you click on the job, it will load in a new tab. In this task, your job is to find whether the linked web page is an article or not.

They will provide complete instructions on how to do the tasks. You gotta follow all the instructions carefully.

To do the tasks click on “click here” to go to the web page. If the web page contains an article mark ‘yes’ if not ‘no’. An article contains a complete sentence to multiple paragraphs.

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In an “identifying article” microtask, you will be asked to identify 5 to 10 articles. Once you complete the task automatically your account will be credited.

It took only 5 seconds to identify an article for me.

Similarly, follow the same in the case of finding authors’ micro-task. Go to the web page, and copy-paste the author’s name in the given box.

For these basic tasks, as said earlier you will get only $0.01 per article. Only if you do a certain number of tasks with good accuracy you will get high-paying tasks.

Turning Potential Appen Jobs to Available Jobs:

To access high-paying tasks you should answer 100 questions (Ex. identifying the articles) with at least 70% accuracy i.e. you have to answer 70 questions correctly out of 100 questions.

Tasks are categorized into 3 levels. To access each level you need a certain accuracy level. To access 1st level tasks you should have 70% accuracy as said above, for 2nd level tasks you should have 80% accuracy, and for third level tasks you should have 85% accuracy.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (4)

Look at the potential jobs(tab) given above. The Required accuracy level is given for each task.Some tasks can pay you $1 – $5 upon completion.

One Reaching Level 1 Accuracy on Appen:

Once you answer 100 questions with at least a 70% accuracy level. Appen will send you the mail regarding the next level reach.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (5)

These are 1st level tasks I got after reaching the accuracy level. Later on, I got more available potential tasks, like 25 tasks every time I log in to Appen.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (6)

You can select the job that you find easy and interesting. I will explain to you some tasks that I’ve done.

List of Appen Tasks that I’ve Completed to Earn Money:

Appen Tasks Tips and Tricks on Finding High paying tasks:

Task – 1. Judging the Advertisement:

Take the time to read the instructions carefully. If you miss any, the answer might go wrong, resulting in accuracy reduction. Careful reading is a must only for the first time. Later, you will master the instruction and complete tasks at a good pace.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (7)

This is my favorite task as it is very simple and easy to complete. I usually complete this task within 30 seconds to 3 minutes. I used to earn $0.07 * 60 = $4.2 / Hr on average.

Initially, it was somewhat tough and I took more time to complete a task, but after gaining experience I started to complete tasks like a flash.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (8)

This task is very simple, an image will be given as shown in the picture above. We have to find whether the picture is an advertisement or not and categorize them.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (9)

At the end of each task, you will be asked to give them feedback. You can express your views about the pay rate of that particular task, mistakes made by them, etc.

Explaining Speed, Accuracy, No of tasks completed by me in a Day:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (10)

Click on the screenshot given above to enlarge it.

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Look at the end of the screenshot, I’ve completed this task just in 30 seconds (30 min – 29 min 29 sec = 31 seconds). On average, I used to complete this task within 1 minute.

So, in an hour I complete 60 – 120 tasks on average to claim my earnings up to $10 / hour.

Task – 2. Do you love Twitter? You might like this task! Twitter Sentiment:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (11)

In this task, you’ve to read the given tweet and rate it as POS – Positive, NEG – Negative, NEU – Neutral.

Instructions will be given at the beginning of the task with examples so that the workers can understand and do the tasks efficiently and accurately.

As this task is somewhat complex they pay $0.10 for every task.

Task – 3. Marketing Breast Cancer Spot Task:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (12)

In this task, the brown cancer cells should be marked by right-clicking mouse button on the brown spot. After marking, it will appear in purple as shown in the second part of the image.

This is a kind of fun task but needs to spot the cancer cells accurately.

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Task – 4. Finding the Date in the Article:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (13)

In this task, the given link has to be clicked to find whether there is a created date on the web page. If there is a date on the page as shown in the picture below mention the date in the given box.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (14)

Task – 5. Identifying Keywords on Webpage:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (15)

In this task, the keyword on the webpage has to be identified. They will provide a keyword. We’ve to find the keyword on Google and click the page they ask to.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (16)

On that web page, the second word in the last sentence has to be found as indicated by the red line in the picture above.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (17)

Our job is to copy and paste that keyword into the given box.

Task – 6: Finding the Infect Ear:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (18)

In this task, an inner ear cochlea image will be given, and we have to answer whether the ear is infected or not.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (19)

As said earlier instructions are very important. Read the instruction carefully before you proceed to do a job.

This is a pretty simple task, but this is where we lose accuracy level making minor mistakes.

Task – 7. Finding LinkedIn Profile Name:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (20)

(Video) How To Make Money With Appen in 2022 (For Beginners)

In this task, the link to the Google search page will be given. We have to find the page address of the official LinkedIn page.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (21)

After clicking the Google results will appear as shown in the picture above. We have to just copy and paste the profile page ID and paste it in the given box.

Task – 8. Testing web apps and mobile apps:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (22)

Web app testing jobs will take 5 seconds to complete and for each, you will get $0.04.

The job is to copy-paste the information in the virtual browser and take the screenshot and answer yes or no to the given question, which takes no more than 5 seconds.

Task – 9. Finding and Categorizing Adult Content:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (23)

This is the easiest job I’ve done, that pays a high reward of $0.10 for categorizing 4 images.

I didn’t post any screenshots related to this task as it contains adult-rated pictures.

In this task, an image will be given and we have to categorize it as less nude, nude, violent, etc.

If you master this task you can complete this task in just 20 seconds. Just 4 pictures will be given in a task.

In 5 minutes you can earn $1. If you take more time you can complete a task within 2 minutes.

But, in this task, two or more categories will fit the same image. You must be very careful in choosing the right category.

Task – 10. Age, Gender, Ethnicity:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (24)

In this task, 4 images will be given as shown in the picture above. We have to find the gender and guess the age and ethnicity of the person.

This is a simple Figure Eight task yet a potential one to make money.

Task – 11. Tweet Relevancy:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (25)

This is one of the simple tasks. Here a tweet will be given and we’ll be asked to find whether the tweet is relevant to the given topic. In this task, the topic was ‘FIFA world cup’.

We have to select one of the best among these three answers ‘yes’, ‘no’, and unsure/unclear’.

Task – 12. Mobile Game Categorization:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (26)

In this task titles of a few games will be given and we will be asked to find the category of the game.

Arcade, puzzle, fighting, Race, action, adventure, first-person shooter, strategy, simulator, and funny are a few examples of the game category.

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(Video) How To Make Money On Appen For Beginners (In 2022)

Task – 13. Lie Detector:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (27)

This is a research task where a test has to be taken which lasts for 15 – 20 minutes. For successful completion, $0.70 will be rewarded.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (28)

This is the most lovable task. I enjoyed participating in the test and studied how my brain workeddifferentlywhen I lied.

This test was conducted to improve the technology used in finding the liars during the investigation.

Task – 14. Categorizing the Restaurant Microtask:

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (29)

In this task, a link to a website will be given and we’ll be asked to find therestaurantand categorize them.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (30)

For every completed task Figure Eight pay up to $0.30.

I’ve done a lot more than this. But, I’ve explained only a few and I think this is enough for you to understand about mini tasks.

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How to join Appen:

You can join Appendirectly as a contributor, but if you do you will lose a lot of bonuses, rewards, contests, etc.

I recommend you to join an Appen channel Ysense. Read the points given below to know what benefits you’re going to get from Ysense.

Why do I recommend Ysense for doing Appen tasks:

  • The main reason for recommending Ysense is they pay on time and they will continue in the future. The following are the benefits if you complete tasks in Ysense.
  • Ysense rewards $5 for every $50 earned by you completing the microtasks.
  • Ysense also conducts weekly contests from which you can earn up to $50 by doing more tasks than others. Other sites don’t conduct contests.

Appen Tasks Review - Guide & Tips to Earn $10/ Hour (31)

  • Ysense pays up to 30% referral commission. Refer your friends and earn free without working by getting the commission. If you’ve ten friends who earn $5 every day. You will get $5 as a referral commission without working.
  • Other than tasks, in Ysense you can earn by clicking ads, participating in surveys, completing OfferWall offers, etc. This feature will be very useful for reaching the withdrawal limit soon, earning without completing tasks when you feel bored.
Ysense Daily Checklist bonus:

Apart from these offers, Ysense pays a daily checklist bonus. By completing the checklist you can get up to a 16% bonus.

Just complete 10 tasks per day to complete the checklist or complete 2 surveys per day. Mobile surveys can pay you up to $5 in 15 minutes.

I used to complete the checklist bonus every day. And at the end of the day, I noticed that I’ve earned $20 extra through the bonus itself.

Ysense addon helps very much to notify about new available tasks and offers. This feature is not available even in Appen.

I hope you got a very good idea to earn real money. Click on the link given below and signup. After signing up, log in and click tasks in the menu bar and start your work to earn online. Sometimes basic initial tasks might not be available. So, as a beginner, you may have to wait for a day or two to get the first Appen task. I highly recommend you to install the addon as it’ll send a notification immediately when tasks are available.

Sign upFigure-Eight Channel Ysense.


How do I get more tasks in Appen? ›

First, the level of the job. Every Appen member will start from level 0 which will give you access to level 0 jobs. When you level up, you will be given access to more jobs and to higher paying tasks (more about the earning potential later).

How long does it take to get tasks on Appen? ›

About 2-4 days. Work hours each month are tallied last day of month, then paychecks or direct deposits are processed mid month of next month. They also post weekly hours submitted but the pay is monthly.

What are Figure Eight tasks? ›

Figure Eight Inc. Figure Eight technology uses human intelligence to do simple tasks such as transcribing text or annotating images to train machine learning algorithms.

How much you can make from Appen? ›

Payment can vary depending on the project and job that you sign up for. The average job pays around $14/£10 per hour. In most cases, you will need to record your hours and submit an invoice at the end of each month.

Can I apply multiple jobs in Appen? ›

yes. you can apply to as many jobs as you want.

How do you pass the Appen test? ›

Test questions are the most important quality control mechanism when using Appen.
  1. Write full sentences and use proper grammar.
  2. Refer directly to the instructions.
  3. Explain why the answer is correct and also why the incorrect answers are not. Find points for them to improve in their work.

How many hours a week can you work at Appen? ›

Total weekly hours across all the projects can be up to 35 hours per week when assignments are busier. Flexible, you can set your own schedule, if there are hours available.

How much time should I spend on a task? ›

In fact, various studies suggest that to take advantage of our optimal mental performance, we should spend anywhere from around 20 to 50 minutes on a task at a stretch, and no more.

Is working for Appen worth it? ›

If you're looking for guaranteed full-time hours every week, then working for Appen isn't worth it. Your schedule can be all over the place. Some months there is a ton of work, and other months much less. You're not in control of how much work comes down your pipeline.

What are the reward sites for Appen? ›

ySense (used to be called ClixSense) is one of my favorite survey sites, and it is also in the top when it comes to the opportunities with Figure Eight tasks. In addition to tasks and surveys, you can also earn by taking offers, referring friends, and by having a certain activity every day you will get a daily bonus.

Is figure 8 good for beginners? ›

Warning to beginners: This IS an intense workout if you have not been active for some time. Jaana Kunitz alternates between very fast, intense dance moves to more intermediate pace combos to mimic high intensity interval training.

Can you make a living off Appen? ›

Appen has lots of paid work to keep you busy. You'll just need to keep realistic expectations and know that this isn't going to replace your full-time job. However, it can be a decent, part-time side hustle where you can set your own schedule.

Does Appen com really pay? ›

What is the highest salary in Appen? The highest-paying job at Appen is a Search Engine Evaluator with a salary of ₹2.6 Lakhs per year. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹6.06 lakhs per year. The top 1% earn more than a whopping ₹20.84 lakhs per year.

How does Appen pay out? ›

How do I get paid? At the end of every month, you provide Appen with an invoice through accounting for all the hours you personally worked on approved assigned projects during that month. Appen processes invoices monthly and pays via Payoneer within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice.

How long do Appen projects last? ›

Contributors who apply and are accepted into the project should expect to commit at least 15 hours per week. This assignment is long-term, meaning contributors can anticipate consistent work for several years if they choose.

Do you have to interview for Appen? ›

There is no interview process with Appen. You get sent a PDF of all information about ad rating they want you to follow, then there's an assessment that tests how well you read those instructions.

Where are the test questions on Appen? ›

If you've already created test question in your job, they will appear in a list under 'Quality' tab from the top bar. Here, you can review all of your Test Questions. For more information on reviewing Test Questions, please see the Review Test Questions article.

How much do you make from Appen in a month? ›

Different clients have different requirements, and one can generally expect to earn anywhere from about $2.5 to $10, per hour. A transcription job may pay as little as one cent per word or phrase transcribed, and a job of rating apps may pay tens of cents per task.

Is Appen a full time job? ›

Appen has also offered temporary, hybrid, and part-time jobs, and it supports "individuals who are seeking roles that allow them to supplement their income through a second job," or candidates looking "to earn extra money while improving the web and social media.” Flexible roles entail working from home "anywhere from ...

Are Appen jobs safe? ›

Yes absolutely Appen is legit! Appen jobs may or may not be for you, but Appen is legit. They hire, give you work, communicate with you, and pay when they say they are going to. There is nothing scammy about working for Appen.

How many tasks should I complete in a day? ›

Limit Yourself to 3–5 Tasks per Day

For most people, I recommend starting out by limiting yourself to three to five tasks per day. It might not sound like a lot, but if you focus on writing down the three most important things you need to do today, you might find that's already a lot to get through.

Is 10 hours a day too much work? ›

Because of the accumulation of cerebral fatigue, working all this time is connected to lower results in both cognitive and intellectual tests. Being in the office for more than 8 hours a day is associated with poorer overall health an with a 40% higher risk of developing heart disease or stress related diseases.

How can I be productive 10 hours a day? ›

How to Stay Productive When You Need to Work Long Hours
  1. Keep your mental focus sharp. ...
  2. Streamline your workflow. ...
  3. Structure your day for maximum productivity. ...
  4. Take periodic breaks. ...
  5. Stick to a healthy diet. ...
  6. Get enough sleep. ...
  7. Reflect on the big picture. ...
  8. Set healthy work-life boundaries.
25 Aug 2022

Which workout is best for beginners? ›

1-week sample exercise program
  • Monday: 40-minute moderate-pace jog or brisk walk.
  • Tuesday: Rest day.
  • Wednesday: Walk briskly for 10 minutes. ...
  • Thursday: Rest day.
  • Friday: 30-minute bike ride or moderate-pace jog.
  • Saturday: Rest day.
  • Sunday: Run, jog, or take a long walk for 40 minutes.

How long does figure 8 take to work? ›

The program is designed to target your core through dance moves inspired by Latin dance, including merengue, salsa, pasa dolbe, and jive. It takes 8 weeks to complete the program and is split into 3 phases: Learn, Burn, and Sculpt. You can watch the exercise videos online, on the Body FX app, or on DVD.

What is the cost of Figure 8? ›

The figure 8 fitness program is very affordable for anyone. The price starts at $47 only. It is also supportable in several other platforms at no extra cost.

What does figure 8 look like? ›

She talked about a variation of the stereotypical hourglass called the Figure of Eight body shape. The characteristics of the 8 figure are: Shoulders are curved and are relatively as wide as your hips/thighs; Waist is distinctly narrower than shoulders and hips/thighs (8 -10 inches smaller);

Why is it called Figure 8? ›

For the next 10 years, the property lay dormant. The Cameron brothers joined their cousin, Raeford Trask, and investor Richard Wetherill, forming the Island Development Company to develop the real estate on the island. They named the island Figure Eight to indicate Rich's Inlet Creek's crooked paths in the marsh.

Is Figure 8 the same as Zumba? ›

Figure 8 has the same “fun” factor as Zumba. However, Figure 8 training has an additional element; muscle conditioning. Because Figure 8 is based on competition dance training, the primary focus is technique, form, and muscle contraction.

Does Appen sell your data? ›

If we wish to pass your sensitive personal data onto a third party we will only do so once we have obtained your consent, unless we are legally required to do otherwise. We own the database rights in the information collected via our online services.

How do you get more jobs on Task Rabbit? ›

How Do I Get More Tasks?
  1. Make sure your account isn't paused.
  2. Extend your Work Area Map, if possible! ...
  3. Add more Availability to your calendar. ...
  4. Add any skills you're comfortable tasking in. ...
  5. Put more detail into your quick pitches—this will help set you apart from other Taskers.
  6. Adjust your rates to be more competitive.

Do you get paid for Appen micro tasks? ›

Crowdsourced Microtasks

Anyone with a profile and minimum quality rating can complete tasks and receive payment. One of the benefits of this type of work is that it can be done at any time of day, from anywhere in the world, and be completed using only a mobile device.

Can you reapply to Appen? ›

Can I reapply using the same email and IP address? If Appen has not contacted you after a number of months, typically six, and you choose to reapply then yes, you may use the same email and IP address.

How much is TaskRabbit hourly? ›

TaskRabbit costs range from $17 to $80 per hour. Taskers set their own prices, but the average rate for moving-related services is $35 per hour. Be aware that prices vary depending on tasker availability and quotes.

How much do task rabbits earn? ›

How much does TaskRabbit in the United Kingdom pay? Average TaskRabbit hourly pay ranges from approximately £18.20 per hour for Ambassador to £44.00 per hour for Plumber. The average TaskRabbit salary ranges from approximately £24,117 per year for Cleaner to £41,000 per year for Community Associate.

How much do task rabbits make? ›

How much does TaskRabbit in the United States pay? Average TaskRabbit hourly pay ranges from approximately $17.00 per hour for Customer Service Representative to $38.99 per hour for Independent Contractor.

Does Appen pay weekly? ›

How do I get paid? At the end of every month, you provide Appen with an invoice through accounting for all the hours you personally worked on approved assigned projects during that month. Appen processes invoices monthly and pays via Payoneer within 30 days of receipt of a valid invoice.

Is Appen real or fake? ›

Is Appen a real company? There is no charge to join Appen. ... Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Sydney Australia, Appen now operates in 130 countries and employs up to 400,000 work-at-home contractors. They are areal company, with a real address, and areal CEO.

Which is better Appen or Lionbridge? ›

Compare company reviews, salaries and ratings to find out if Appen or Lionbridge is right for you. Appen is most highly rated for Work/life balance and Lionbridge is most highly rated for Work/life balance.
Overall Rating.
Overall Rating3.53.4
Job security and advancement2.42.6
2 more rows


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