10 Best Ways to Politely Ask for an Update in an Email (2023)

Are you trying to figure out how to politely ask for an update in an email? Some great phrases work well formally, but you must know where to look first.

Luckily, this article is here to help. We’ve gathered the best phrases you can include in an email asking for an update. For example:

  • Have you heard anything more?
  • Do you have any updates?
  • By way of an update
  • Any updates?
  • I would like an update on the status of
  • Could you tell me if you have an update?
  • Please let me know when you hear more
  • I’m keen to learn if you have an update
  • What’s the status of
  • Have you learned anything new?

So, keep reading to learn about a nice way to ask for an update. As you can see, there are plenty of useful alternatives. We’ll dive deeper into each one to help you figure out when to use them.

1. Have You Heard Anything More?

“Have you heard anything more?” is a great example of how to ask for an update in an email.

It’s a formal synonym that checks to see whether someone has more information to provide.

Generally, this phrase works best when emailing a potential employer. It shows you’re interested in learning about something (for instance, their interview process or the status of your job application).

This email sample will show you how to request an update:

Dear Herm,

Have you heard anything more that might help me? I’m trying to find out what my next steps are.

All the best,

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2. Do You Have Any Updates?

“Do you have any updates?” is a simpler synonym that works both formally and informally.

It is a professional way to ask for an update via email without needing to sound too bossy or demanding.

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You might use it when you want to email asking for an update on a job application. It’s a good way to communicate with a potential employer to find out whether they’re happy to hire you.

Here is an email example to help you understand more about it:

Dear Scott,

Do you have any updates, though? I am keen on a work update since I would like a job after this.

Ms. Tate

3. By Way of an Update

“By way of an update” is an extremely formal phrase. It’s a good synonym, but you should avoid it if you are trying to sound friendly or polite.

Generally, “by way of an update” means you are looking for a follow-up with your boss. It suggests you have something more to add or would like them to provide more information to help you understand something.

This example should also show you how to ask for an update in an email:

Dear Yuri,

By way of an update, have you heard anything more? I think we should decide on our next steps.

All the best,

4. Any Updates?

“Any updates?” is a great informal synonym to gently ask for an update. You can use it when you want to find out if someone has an update for you in both formal and informal situations.

Since “do you have” is removed from the phrase (i.e., “do you have any updates?”), it’s not quite as professional as it could be. Instead, it’s concise and gets to the point, meaning it works well when you’re low on time.

Here is a quick email example to help you understand more about it:

Dear Mr. Smith,

Any updates? Did you meet with the Samsons yesterday so you could discuss the urgent matter?

Kind regards,

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5. I Would Like an Update on the Status Of

“I would like an update on the status of” is a clear and professional synonym.

You should use it when writing an email asking for an update on a job application or similar context.

After all, it shows you’re keen for an update and want to find out what comes next for you.

Most of the time, this phrase is a great way to start an email. It shows you are respectful and polite, which encourages the recipient to match your tone when they reply.

How about checking out the following email sample to see how it works:

Dear Ms. Andrews,

I would like an update on the status of my job application. I have not heard from you for a few weeks.

Best wishes,
Jessica Rogers

6. Could You Tell Me if You Have an Update?

“Could you tell me if you have an update?” is a formal question to include in an email. It shows you how to ask for an update in an email while remaining polite and professional.

Also, it shows that you do not want to make assumptions. That way, if the recipient does not have any updates, they do not have to reply to you.

You can also refer to this example to help you with it:

Dear Abbie,

Could you tell me if you have an update, please? I’m still waiting to hear back from the other parties involved.

All the best,
Jon Still

7. Please Let Me Know When You Hear More

“Please let me know when you hear more” works well in a follow-up email.

It’s a good formal synonym when you want to remind your boss politely that you’re expecting some information.

For instance, you can use this phrase in an email when you are expecting news from a recruiter or client. Then, you’re able to show your boss that you’re keen to learn more about the current situation. It’s a very polite and useful phrase.

This email sample should help you understand it:

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Dear Mr. Briggs,

Please let me know when you hear more from a recruiter. I can’t be the only one excited about the prospect, after all.

Kind regards,

8. I’m Keen to Learn if You Have an Update

“I’m keen to learn if you have an update” is a polite and friendly phrase.

It’s a great synonym because it shows you’re eager to learn something and want to show respect toward the recipient.

Generally, this phrase shows you how to ask for an update after an interview. It’s very polite and respectful, so you can direct it to a potential employer when you want to ask for more information.

Here is an email example that should help you with it:

Dear Paula,

I’m keen to learn if you have an update for me on your interview process. Is there anything else I need to do for you?

Kind regards,

9. What’s the Status Of

“What’s the status of” is a great formal synonym that is snappy and concise.

You can use it when you don’t want to ask a question. Instead, it gets right to the point and shows you want to get down to business.

A phrase like this allows you to ask for an update directly. You can email your boss to find out about the status of a project you might have a team working on.

It’s not particularly polite, but it’s still respectful. You can use it when you want to learn more information without asking for excessive wording.

Here is an email sample to help you with it:

Dear Fred,

I’m looking for a status update right now. So, what’s the status of the project? I need to know if we’re nearly done.

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All the best,

10. Have You Learned Anything New?

“Have you learned anything new?” is a great question to include in formal emails. It shows you how to ask for an update on an offer letter or interview process.

Most people will use it when they want to sound polite and approachable. So, it’s ideal to use when emailing a potential employer or someone you’re keen to work with.

This email sample should also help you understand it:

Dear Horace,

Have you learned anything new regarding the recruitment process? I’m keen to find out what comes next.

All the best,

Hopefully, you now know exactly how to ask for an update in a polite way. You are always welcome to come back for a refresher to keep your emails varied!

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Martin Lassen

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